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Sunrise Coffee Shop and Moonlight Kitchens are being created by Anne and Pat Little at 1951 Kensington Ave, Missoula, MT 59801 (map).

Our location, in midtown Missoula, and on a mostly residential street, is unique for a coffee shop.  We want it to become the neighborhood hub where locals congregate to savor a “rotating tap of different coffees” from around the globe. Rich espresso, chai, and exotic teas will also be available.

1951 Kensington“I hope this turns into a very nice community center,” says Anne. “We plan to be open late on Fridays and maybe have a little live entertainment.”

Adjacent to the coffee shop lie two commercial kitchens—the Moonlight Kitchens—for community members to prepare food products for local Missoula markets. The county health department has been asking, “How soon can you open?”

The Sunrise Coffee Shop and Moonlight Kitchens will open their doors this Thanksgiving and bring local food production and a wonderful coffee house to an area that might presently be considered a “food desert.”

We will also provide nutritional classes and events in the newly remodeled site. Rent-able commercial kitchen space will hopefully build connections between local people and local food, while also satisfying a growing need in Missoula County.

Anne has worked with sustainable organizations in town for several years and she is a strong proponent of local food for local people. “Farm to table” is our goal, with raised gardens, compost bins, the kitchen spaces and a picnic area.

Renee's sketch 2Anne and Pat look forward to seeing you at Sunrise Coffee Shop in the near future. Please send us an email if you’d like to be kept up to date with what we’re doing.

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